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(Reg. No. : DHS/NH/1773)


The Pharmacy’s major goal is to deliver reliable medicines at reasonable pricing to all patients.
Pharmacy S_M_ Hospital

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Pharmacy S_M_ Hospital

Pharmacy in Khajuri Khas, Delhi

Pharmacy has been in operation since hospital’s founding. The pharmacy’s functionality includes obtaining quality medicines directly from pharmaceutical firms via their distributors and delivering them to both outdoor and indoor customers.

The Pharmacy’s major goal is to deliver reliable medicines at reasonable pricing to all patients.

Qualified pharmacists distribute all medicines to patients. Every patient who comes to the pharmacy to acquire medicines meets the pharmacist, who provides those medicines, specifying which drug is to be taken how many times, before or after meals, and what the safe and effective usage of the medicine is. Every pharmacist devotes enough time to answering patients’ questions.

As the number of patients increased, we decided to make our operation available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our fundamental goal has always been to maintain quality. Before being delivered to various places, each bottle of I.V. fluid is tested for dirt and particles using a tube light. The hospital’s nursing team is also educated to inspect each I.V. bottle before usage.

We have a centrally air-conditioned pharmacy for the storage of medications and other items, which is essential for keeping the purity and efficacy of the drug. All drugs that require a cold chain are stored in a refrigerator with a temperature chart. While dispensing such medications, we instruct patients on how to transport and preserve the medication at home.


Wide variety of medicines
24x7 Pharmacy

Just go to ‘Book Appointment‘ page or appointment booking sections available on each services page, doctors page, departments archive page, each facilities page and homepage . Our executive will then call you and confirm the appointment and guide you further.


You can just inform us via Chat or Call on (+91) 9810 209 600 and our team would be glad to assist you in rescheduling or cancelling the appointment, as required.


Yes, you can reschedule your appointment anytime until 4-6 hours before your appointment timings, after which we will try our best to assist to reschedule it if possible.


To book your appointment on the website, we will need your Name, Email Address and Phone Number to contact you to confirm the appointment, guide you or provide you with any other instructions. You will also get a coloumn to leave a message with your appointment form for us.


To make it easy for you, with all the payment options available, you can make your payment when you come for appointment to our centre.


You will be provided with a time slot when the appointment is booked, yet, as it happens in the healthcare industry, some patient with a 15 minute slot may take 25 minutes to ensure proper healthcare to our patients, and that’s why, keeping these situations in mind, we tell our patients that they may still need to wait a little bit beyond their timings.


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